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Wood as a symbol

Each of our models will tell the story of a fascinating object and will project us into a place rich in culture. The materials chosen for the watch set the scene for this story.

For our first model, the story begins locally. The wood of an emblematic boat on the Rhine was chosen, the Fähre wood.

What kind of wood are we talking about?

The type of wood used on the boat is Robinia. Robinia wood is stronger than oak. It is known to be the most durable European wood.

Moreover, the Robinia is a species that is found in Europe. This proximity avoids long transports. It is an excellent local alternative to overexploited tropical woods.

It is a hard and almost rot-proof wood. It is therefore very resistant to time and weather.

The dial, the soul of a watch

The use of wood as a dial is logical.

First of all, to place it in a safe place. As the most precious material in our first model, loaded with history and emotions, it deserves to be in a safe place.

Secondly, it also deserves a privileged place. The watch face is often described as the soul of a watch.

Holz als Designmaterial?

Wood has been given new aesthetic and above all functional qualities. Wood never sticks to a single aesthetic. Each piece of wood has a unique signature. Thanks to it, each watch is a unique model.

Wood brings relief and depth, with simple and pure lines. Wood is combined with other materials such as steel, which, through a play of contrasts, enhances the material. It expresses warmer and more intense tones. It creates a soothing atmosphere.

This material is also considered an ecological choice, an act of eco-citizenship in favour of sustainable development.

When traditional know-how meets eco-innovation

Going from a board to a dial of less than 1mm is a challenge. It is testing the limits of a traditional carpenter. It's an experience.

In the end, it was a Bernese university that provided the right tools. A machine straight out of the future.

Wood, the symbol of eco-design, is a proud representative of the circular economy.

Wood is an element that stands the test of time. It recalls the simple pleasures of childhood, when a simple piece of wood could satisfy or a cabin became a dream home.

When he has lived 30 years on an iconic boat, he will tell you about sunsets, storms, happy birthdays or good moments with friends.



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