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CAP watch submits to the idea of tomorrow.

Münchensteinerstr. 274a

4053 Basle


Of course, it is mechanical.

Of course, it can be repaired by any watchmaker worldwide.

Of course, it meets the highest sustainability criteria.


This means that we choose our materials and our suppliers in such a way as to create a circular economy around the CAP-Watch.

It starts at the origin of the CAP-Watch: we don't use new materials.

All our watches are created from recycled or reused materials.

Each of our models is built around a piece full of history.

Our first model celebrates a floating heritage of the Rhine, the Fähren.

"This is perhaps the most beautiful thing about the circular economy: each piece and each element brings its own story - which we tell with our watches."

During the last renovation of the Fähren, the ship's captain saved his wood and kept it carefully.

In 2023, we are giving it a second life.

Be the first to see our first model.

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