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Image de Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Our history

Genesis of a brand

Beginning of 2023


The creation of CAP watch will be possible thanks to you.

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Image de Kaleb Nimz

Fall 2022


A prototype is the realization of graphic work, choice of materials and feedback from our community.

Draw, erase, redraw. We are working on it!


Summer 2022

Research and Development

Turning the wood of a boat into a dial requires special skills.

We work hand in hand with local experts.

Spring 2022


The design of the watch is influenced by ecodesign.

Choice of materials and conveyed message strongly influence our design. 

Cap - dessin montre Noir_edited_edited.j

Winter 2021


Three selections by incubators focused on circular economy and sustainable environment.

Two podiums during competitions.


Full-scale tests are encouraging.

Fall 2021

Research of materials

More than  15 years of experience each and a smile of children when arriving in front of the EPHJ, the international trade show dedicated to high precision in Geneva.


We meet the suppliers.


Summer 2021

Birth of the team

It is the same vision and a common friend that brought us together.


Since then the team has grown.

Summer 2021

Market analysis

Hours of reading to confirm the opportunity left by the big brands: a more transparent, circular and truly local watchmaking.

Image de Brett Jordan

Spring 2021

The starting point

The desire to make the sustainable environment desirable, close and intimate to convey a message of hope everywhere and at all times.

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