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The "social entrepreneur"

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A conviction pegged to the body

Getting involved in the protection of our environment was obvious. 15 years developing solar, wind and geothermal projects. 15 years of establishing meaningful entrepreneurial activities in new markets. By dint of conviction, commitment and awareness, these once incongruous and often contested energies have become unavoidable.

Back to basics

Biology and its ecosystems excited me and shaped both my academic career and my professional choices. During walks in the forest, I put colors, sounds and smells there. With this concept of circular economy, it is in a way a return to the source.

The strength of a book

A book has never left me so well physically and mentally, a book on industrial ecology. It's the strength of a book that you always see in your library without really wanting to pay attention to it.

The showcase of wonders

... a watch window in front of which I was fascinated by these timepieces. How many times have we missed the evening bus because of this showcase of wonders! Children don't reason, they dream. A passion was born.

CAP or not CAP?

With CAP, it is about pursuing a long-standing commitment by making people dream, by inspiring. With CAP, we approach the formidable challenge of preserving our environment through a positive prism,  by proposing an innovative industrial project and by offering concrete proof rich in symbols. 

We are starting from a blank page in complete independence.

Yes, we are CAP.

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