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Horloge Gears

The designer one foot in the stars, the other on Earth


A natural affinity with design and functionality

Industrial designer for 15 years and lover of watchmaking, I combine artistic sensitivity, knowledge of the market and understanding of manufacturing. I draw and shape the values and ideas that drive us. I bring our concepts to our supplier partners in order to create attractive, functional and sustainable collections.

The wind that makes the leaves fly ...

I still see myself as a child sitting in the back of my parents' car, regularly dumbfounded by all the rubbish that could come out of the vehicles. Probably the wind ... I never understood the way we consume and how we consider the planet that welcomes us.  

Here and now

Everything is disposable. Almost everything is made in countries where labor is both cheaper and often exploited. Without transparency. Everything, even mechanical watches, these objects of lust that we passed on from generation to generation. 

As a child, I dreamed of a better world. As an adult, I have decided that this world is here and that we have the means to act now.  

CAP or not CAP?

We have the opportunity to show that it is possible to produce quality, locally made, truly sustainable watches at a fair price. All in transparency. Small streams make great rivers, I dare to hope that our sincere approach feeds a wave of awareness.

CAP is a universe that appeals to me and values in which I recognize myself. To lead by example.

Yes, we are CAP.


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