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It was while looking for a watch that corresponded to our conception of the environment that we realized that the existing offer did not go far enough.

Les arbres forestiers


Time to inspire. Time to act.

A watch is a symbol.

Our watch bears the symbol of peaceful modernity, in symbiosis with our human and natural environment.


Our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to wear a watch without social and environmental compromise,

by celebrating innovation by local industry,

by cultivating transparency,

by embracing the circular economy.

Image de Ben White


No gold, no diamonds.

For better environmental and social conditions.

Without environmental footprint.

From the choice of our web host to the computer equipment. Our modes of transport. The energy produced for our offices. Nothing is left to chance.

Manufactured near you.

To limit transport, guarantee a continuous supply, correct social conditions and transparency in the traceability of materials.

To come up...

 Materials of European origin.


They come from European resources: natural or 100% recycled. 

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