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Sustainable watches: why now?

Over centuries, mechanical watches have acted as family heirlooms. They have been passed down to younger generations in the family encapsulating older times into newer ones.

Watches have also become a symbol of status.

It’s now time to deliver a modern statement and peaceful messages. The rise of the circular economy and surge in sustainability have led us to develop a truly sustainable direction for watches through CAP Watch.

What makes a watch sustainable?

A sustainable watch is an environmentally and socially responsible timepiece. It’s designed to have a positive impact on the environment and the lives of the people who make it and wear it.

Sourcing sustainable materials is a big challenge to tackle. The Swiss watch and jewelry industry still needs 2000 tons of gold per year, 50% of the world demand. The actual transformation and transport of the raw materials needed generate too often soil and air pollution, environmental degradation and also human rights violation and conflict.

Introducing a new paradigm

Mechanical watches have a sustainable DNA. They are powered by renewable energy, our own energy. They function as soon as you move your wrist. It’s a symbiosis.

We aim to go further. The goal is to curtail CO2 emissions by reducing waste and transport of material, using less energy, and limiting pollution caused by extraction of materials. It only gets real with the creation of a local, eco-friendly industrial ecosystem.

A sustainable watch is circular by design. It means made of circular materials, all recycled, recyclable or reused. It’s long-lasting and easily repairable. It’s locally made with respect to workers' social conditions. The design is timeless to make the pleasure of wearing it last.

Sharing new values

It’s time to inspire.

It’s time to act.

We wear a watch everywhere, at every moment. It’s a perfect object to share your values. It’s a perfect reason to start positive conversations about concrete solutions for our planet. And it all starts somewhere, even if small.

Our mission is to make sustainability emotional, desirable and personal.

Using circular materials, creating local partnerships and ensuring ethical work conditions as sustainable milestones, we at CAP Watch are just getting started on this new journey.

A journey of giving our consumers an opportunity to participate in this environmental and social revolution for a better tomorrow.



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