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Is steel a precious metal? New sustainable material alternatives.

What is precious?

In terms of materials, when we think of precious metals, we quickly think of gold or silver. It's a question worth answering, isn’t it? Steel's story and grand entry as a much-needed sustainable material makes it the best fit for the circular economy loop. Wearing a steel watch today means taking care of our environment. It is precious.

Finding an alternative to precious metals

According to WWF, between 60% and 70% of the globally mined gold physically travels through Switzerland to be refined further. 50% of the gold world demand (2000t) comes to Switzerland.

The sourcing of these precious raw materials is accountable for large environmental footprints, pollution, soil degradation, deforestation and human rights violations due to mining.

These footprints must be considered and not neglected when purchasing a timepiece.

At CAP Watch, the timepieces will feature locally sourced, nearly 100% recycled, certified and traceable stainless steel for the case.

The goal is clear, protect the environment and the people working to extract it.

Why steel?

Steel has the inherent property to be recycled without harming its integrity or durability which makes it an excellent replacement for precious metals like gold.

The power used to create recycled steel is much less than what it takes to mine raw materials. It is durable, eco-friendly, robust and scratch resistant.

More importantly, recycled steel works towards a united long-term goal of preserving resources and reducing environmental harm.

The story of our steel

Sourced in the watch valley, Jura, the raw steel comes directly from the watch and medical industry.

The material is first gathered and brought to the metal manufacturer, who then proceeds with the recycling process.

The compacted raw steel will be melted in France. The highest rate of recycled steel is actually close to 96%. Then why not 100%? Even if the gathered steel is 100% recycled, at the end of the melting process, a few new materials need to be added to keep the quality of the final steel high. From watch to watch.

What is the process at CAP watch?

Sustainability is an ongoing process. We at CAP Watch aim to address all components of our products and brand to extend our support towards people and the environment.

The circular economy cycle is not only closing the loop for materials but also closing the loop for emotions. Start a new story in time with these watchesRecycled steel is the answer for a much-needed sustainable material alternative, having a durable transformation process and hence, safer life for the workers working to produce it.



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