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Eco-Industrial: the new deal

Buy, consume and throw away. Today, our consumption pattern is based on a linear product life cycle model. It is high time to rethink our production and consumption patterns to protect our planet. How can we do this?

ECO for Circular Economy

The circular economy is inspired by Mother Nature and her biological cycles. Every material can be reused, recycled or reemployed. This minimises the use of natural resources and reduces the environmental footprint.

Switzerland alone produces 80 to 90 million tons of waste per year. For a country like Switzerland, 75% of the environmental impact generated takes place abroad. Nothing to brag about.

IND for Industrial

Switzerland has industrial know-how and an impeccable reputation in terms of quality. In 2021, the Swiss watch industry is ranked third in terms of exports with CHF 21,2 billion generated.

It is time to exploit this local know-how once again and take it to more environmentally friendly modes.

This desire to involve local industry has an environmental dimension. It also responds to supply issues. It is also the assurance of transparency on the social conditions proposed to the employees.

To set a new course together : circular, local and ethic.



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